Jeff Bridges reveals his tumor has ‘drastically shrunk’ in latest update on cancer battle


By HAYLEY FITZPATRICK, ABC News(NEW YORK) — Jeff Bridges shared an update on his battle with lymphoma.The Big Lebowski actor, who announced his cancer diagnosis in October, revealed his tumor has “drastically shrunk.”In a post on his website, shared on Wednesday, the 71-year-old said he learned the positive news after he went in for a CT scan on Jan. 6 to evaluate how his “new protocol” is affecting him.”Turns out, it’s working beautifully,” he wrote. “The thing has drastically shrunk.”


Wanted to sing you guys a tune & some other stuff to check out…

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He also wrote about receiving the news that his tumor shrunk amid the riots at the U.S. Capitol.”I come home elated with the news. I turn on the TV to find out what’s going in the world, and….well…I don’t have to tell you what’s goin’ on,” he wrote. “To see our country attacking itself broke my heart. A question rose in me — what’s an individual to do in a situation like this? My mentor, Rozzell Sykes, came to mind. His manta was ‘Be Love."”Bridges has kept his fan base updated throughout his cancer fight. In December, he shared a photo revealing he shaved his head and was “feeling good.”


Here’s the latest:• Feeling good• Shaved my head• Got a puppy – Monty• Had a Birthday – 71, manFor more updates, visit:

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Lymphoma is cancer of the body’s lymphatic system, which helps fight germs, according to the Mayo Clinic. Treatment for the disease varies, but may involve chemotherapy, immunotherapy medications, radiation therapy, a bone marrow transplant or some combination thereof.When he publicly announced his diagnosis last year, he shared, “Although it is a serious disease, I feel fortunate that I have a great team of doctors and the prognosis is good.”Copyright © 2021, ABC Audio. All rights reserved.