Family Of Man Who Died Saving Fiancee At Astroworld Sues Travis Scott

Travis Scott and Live Nation are being sued by the family of a man who died saving his fiancee at Astroworld. According to The Houston Chronicle, the parents of 27-year-old Mirza Danish Baig has filed the lawsuit, suing upward of $1 million. They are alleging that Baig was one of the ten people killed at the festival as he tried to lead his fiance Olivia away from the crowd surge. However, the two were separated, and he later died from injuries after being crushed by the crowd. Olivia and Baig’s brother Basil were also injured.

The lawsuit read, “Each of the responsible parties pushed boundaries of common sense and turned their heads to the dangers, simply for profit. And when it was obvious they had lost complete control of the situation, instead of stopping the show, they made the decision to continue. That disregard resulted in one of the worst mass-casualty events at a concert in history. It’s a total disgrace.”

Travis Scott is facing over twenty lawsuits following the Astroworld tragedy.