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The ultimate Cowboys fan and the pledge made to her by Jerry Jones

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – The Dallas Cowboys are the most valuable sports franchise franchise in the world at $7.4 billion. 

When CBS 11 asked the ultimate fan, Carolyn Price, how much have you contributed? She answered (while laughing), “Maybe about $50. Does that answer your question?” 

Ms. Price, as she’s simply known by the Cowboys in-crowd, says she knows how to pay her way when she has to. But, her support for the team, is priceless. 

She has a message for anyone who jumped off the bandwagon, after last season’s playoff loss. In her words, “nobody cares about what those few said. Who cares. We’re America’s Team. We’re not looking for any fans. We are over loaded. Now tell them that.”

Ms. Price said she had a message for Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who she is on a first-name basis with. 

“He came over and talked to me and I said Jerry this is life. None of us is getting any younger,” she said. “I spoke with the grandson also. Let’s get with it and let’s get some Super Bowls in here. Because, I know I want to go home and relax in my big beautiful chair and watch the Cowboys. So he said, Ms Price I’m gonna work on it.”

Ms. Price has been a fixture in Oxnard every summer. Because, the Dallas Cowboys have been a fixture in her life for decades. 

She said she’s going to have to get us a ticket to Arizona, the site of this season’s Super Bowl, because a newscaster credential might not get us in. 

As we wrap up the interview, she finishes by saying “don’t know if you trying to close me out but I need to ask you a question.” Caught off guard, I respond…”huh?” Ms. Price shouts, as only she can, “How about those Cowboys?”