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Enid Superintendent Clarifies Library Policy at School Board Meeting

Enid Superintendent Dr. Darrell Floyd clarified the school’s library policy at last night’s school board meeting. Controversy has surrounded school library policies statewide since a social media post revealing obscene material in the Tulsa Public School libraries caused State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister to call for the removal of those books from the libraries.

At last month’s school board meeting in Enid, several librarians voiced their concerns over books potentially being banned or removed from Enid Public School libraries. At last night’s meeting, Enid Superintendent Dr. Darell Floyd made a statement clarifying the district’s library policy.

Floyd said, “Our board never took any action on that issue”. He went on to say that ” if someone would complain about a particular book they would have to put that in writing and then a committee would be put together of educators and non-educators and we would go through that complaint process and the boards part in that would not come until the end of that process”.