Harry Styles Splits His Pants In Front Of L.A. Crowd

Harry Styles’ pants ripped while he was performing at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles Thursday (January 26th) night.

While singing “Music For a Shushi Restaurant,” he knelt down at the edge of the stage and busted open the crotch of his custom leather Gucci pants.

TikTok videos of the event show that he grabbed a towel to cover up before promptly apologizing to audience members.

While wearing a gay pride flag over the front of his pants, the former One Direction singer said, “Its necessary to aplogize to a certain few of you right now…I mean, this is a family show. I promise this is not part of the show, okay. It's a family show…or is it?”

To make matters worse, The Independent reports that Jennifer Aniston was in the crowd – the person Styles once cited as his first celebrity crush.