NPR leaves Twitter amid dispute over labeling

(NEW YORK) -- NPR will stop sharing content on Twitter, the company announced Wednesday -- a rebuke of certain labels the social media platform attached to the news outlet.The international media non-profit said the categorization -- first as "US state-affiliated media" and later "government-funded media"... Read More.

Price hikes slowed significantly in March

(NEW YORK) -- Consumer prices rose 5% last month compared to a year ago, extending a months-long slowdown of price increases as the Federal Reserve aims to bring inflation down to normal levels without pushing the U.S. into a recession, government data on Wednesday... Read More.

Tupperware says it could go out of business

(NEW YORK) -- A staple in many American kitchens could soon be coming to an end.Tupperware, which has been in American homes for more than 75 years, is now saying it could soon go out of business.The news sent stock prices plummeting nearly 50%... Read More.