About that dress: Carly Pearce weighs in on the “What He Didn’t Do” video


This week, the third single off 29: Written in Stone became Carly Pearce‘s latest top 10 hit.

And since “What He Didn’t Do” and much of the album were largely inspired by her divorce from Michael Ray, it’s left some folks wondering if Carly’s wearing her actual wedding dress in the song’s video.

In the clip, Carly wears a long, white gauzy gown, practically destroying the train by dragging it along the beach before taking a full-on dip into the ocean.

“A lot of people want to know about the dress,” Carly tells ABC Audio. “You know, we just wanted something that would flow in the water. Obviously, it’s symbolic of a really big time in my life. And I think the whole video, it just symbolizes kind of a rebirth.”

“This is the last song on the 29 record that’ll be a single,” she adds. “And it just feels like you go through the trenches of life, and you come out on the other side stronger and better than ever — with maybe a few rips in your dress.”

Post-video, Carly confirms the dress was pretty much destroyed.

“It was gross. You know, what’s funny is I actually ripped one of the shoulders while I was underwater,” she reveals. “And we kept it just because it looked like it fit just the hardship that we were trying to show. So it was dirty. It was gross. It was, like, black. But that’s how it should be.”

Earlier this month, Carly confirmed via Twitter her “new music is almost done.”

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