Hairball Musician Dave Moody Talks About Hairball’s Authenticity and History


Hairball Musician Dave Moody Talks About Upcoming Concert


EnidLIVE! sat down with Hairball Musician Dave Moody talking about the goods of rock and roll, and how this Hairball is shaping up to be. Moody previously played bass for Billy Ray Cyrus and loves to perform as Brian Johnson in Hairball. You can listen to the full interview at the top of this story.

Moody started by discussing how the old times reflected positively on rock and roll.

“It goes back to simpler times, back in the days when we grew up when we didn’t lock our doors,” Moody said. Probably stuff you don’t remember since you were too young. It was a simpler time and the music reflected that; to such a great period for rock and roll. Our objective is to bring that back tenfold.”

He then talked about the importance of making it as authentic as possible.

“Playing and performing well are just as important . . . just name the character and we go out of our way to learn the mannerisms, the tones of the voices,” Moody said. “It’s acting and vocals all at the same time. We go out of our way to make you go ‘I know that’s not Ezell, but I’d be damned, I have to think about it."”

Moody finished off by talking about the reception the show gets.

“It’s no real big secret, Enid is chocolate, we’re peanut butter, we go great together . . . its just great music, great people, a great band with a great visual . . . authentic costuming and all the biggest hits,” Moody said. “We are 100% live! We are actually playing our instruments, we are actually singing. We have the talent to back up everything we do.”

The concert will be on Friday, April 5 at the Stride Bank Center. Hairball is an explosive national touring act that honors the classic hits from the 80’s! You will be seeing cover bands paying homage to the overlords of classic rock such as Van Halen, KISS, Motley Crue, Journey, Aerosmith, and many more!

Ticket prices range from $23 to $53, depending on seating.

Tickets can be purchased at the Stride Bank Center’s official webpage.