Roger Gossen from Kremlin-Hillsdale Talks 35th Annual Trivia Night


EnidLIVE! sat down with Kremlin-Hillsdale Math Teacher Roger Gossen to discuss the upcoming 35th Annual Trivia Night.

Gossen started by talking about what they changed to the event and what is returning.

“Usually we do it like the high school kids play, with the buzzers, but this year we’ll do it with a different style,” Gossen said. “Teams sit in groups and confer for each question; that way you don’t have to worry about being fast, you just gotta be good. You can answer questions from different categories; from music to sports, bible, history, current events, general knowledge, all kinds of different things.”

He then talked about where the funds are going.

“We go to different meets around the state at different times, and each one has an entry fee…and that costs money to stay overnight on trips,” Gossen said. “Different events we have over the year…we need money for that; this fundraiser helps get that funds.”

Gossen finished off by talking about public reception.

“I have teams come in every year that come from all over…you don’t have to be anything special, it’s general knowledge stuff you just know,” Gossen said.” And it’s kind of a fun time with friends…if you just want to come watch and listen, then that would be good too.”

The 35th Annual Trivia Night will be on April 5 at 6:30 p.m. at the Kremlin Community Center.