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Amidst National Baby Formula Shortage, Oklahoma WIC’s Program Offers Advice to Find Baby Formula

Amidst high inflation and supply chain problems, the nation is currently under a nationwide baby formula shortage. Oklahoma families have been affected as well. In response, the Oklahoma Women Infants and Children Program posted some advice on their Facebook page for those struggling to find baby formula.

One tip offered by the WIC was to check with your baby’s doctor about other formulas that are safe to try. They also suggested trying concentrated or ready-to-feed versions of baby formula. Another option is to buy the store brand if the name brand is unavailable.

To be more efficient in your shopping, you could call ahead to the stores in your area to check if they have any formula in stock. If they are out then you can ask when the next shipment comes in. WIC also suggested breastfeeding more if that is an option and contacting a lactation consultant about relactating or increasing milk supply.

For information on assistance, WIC offers you can call their hotline at 1-877-271-6455, the number will also put you through to the Oklahoma Breastfeeding Hotline.