Chisholm Public School’s Board Votes to Approve Work Study Program for Students with a Disability

At last night’s school board meeting Chisholm Public Schools voted unanimously to approve a work-study program for students with disabilities at Chisholm High School. How the program would work is the district would pay students for working a job at the school, and the district would be reimbursed by the Oklahoma department of rehabilitation services.

Juniors and Seniors with disabilities would be eligible for the program, and jobs could range from library aid to office aid, to helping in the cafeteria or even helping with school maintenance. Chisholm Principal Cindy Black said, “we can investigate just about any career area and find something that they are interested in”.

The program was started after a family with a disabled student requested that their student work at the school as part of a work-study program.

The full interview with Chisholm High School Principal Cindy Black.