City of Enid Announces Several Road Closures

The City of Enid has announced multiple road closures to allow contractors to repair several roads:The southbound lane on S. 30th St. from Oklahoma Ave. to Market Ave.This closure will span from March 4-11.The full road of 1702 E. Oak Ave.-1714... Read More.

Wildfires Force Highway Closure in Ellis County

The junction of US-60 and US-283 in Ellis County is closed due to rampant wildfires.Oklahoma is under oppressive winds with speeds reaching 55 mph until midnight of Feb. 27; here are some precautions to take during this wind advisory:Do not discard lit cigarettes... Read More.

Enid Police Department Addresses Distracted Driving

The Enid Police Department has addressed a rapidly growing issue of distracted driving.Distracted driving describes any activity that diverts your attention from the road including eating, drinking, using the radio or navigation apps, texting or talking on the phone or interacting with passengers.Between 2012... Read More.