Jake Merrick Brings Oklahoma Flavor to Talk Radio


Enidlive.com spoke with new radio host Jake Merrick who has been hosting the Jake Merrick Show on Freedom 96.9 since January 2023. The Jake Merrick Show is a local political talk show that hones in on Oklahoma issues instead of the usual national headlines.

Merrick was born in Elk City, Oklahoma and grew up in West Texas. He went to college at Dallas Baptist University going to seminary afterward. Merrick was working in ministry in Oklahoma being in Tulsa for 4 years before moving to Oklahoma City.

Merrick served in the Oklahoma State Senate for 1 year and also has a background in health and fitness which he incorporates into his show. When asked how personal health relates to a local political show Merrick said “the 1st step in protecting your freedom is protecting your self” he went on to say “you {have to} start with self-government which is caring for your person”.

The Jake Merrick Show airs weekdays from 7 am to 8 am on Freedom 96.9. Find his show page here https://freedom969.com/on-air/jake-merrick

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