Jeremy Osmus from the Okeene Historic Preservation Group Talks about the Upcoming Okeene Germanfest


Jeremy Osmus with the Okeene Historical Preservation Society recently had an interview with EnidLIVE! giving an insight on the upcoming Germanfest taking place in Okeene starting at 8:00 am.

He gave a quick story about the first Germanfest hosted in Okeene. As said by Osmus, “We started it in 2016, so I believe this is our 8th year. I’ve been involved the last 5 or 6 so I saw what they were doing in the community. The OHPG, the Okeene Historic Preservation Group, and just wanted to be a part of it obviously because they’re there to help promote and preserve and beautify Okeene.”

Jeremy also touched on the special “Bier” that they will be serving as beverages. As stated by him, “It’s a lot different than the domestic thought we will have some kegs of domestic beer there for those Oklahomans who don’t want to try the scooter beer. Our beer comes from Ayinger, Germany, and so we have that shipped here and we have 3 or 4 different varieties. Our Beer guy is Guy Smith, and he knows a lot more about them. One of them is an Oktoberfest beer and some others.”

He talked about peoples’ reception when attending Germanfest. Quoted by Osmus, “We’ve got a lot of people coming back. It tends to grow every year, but we’ve been fortunate enough to have great weather . . . We get a lot of returnees because it is a good time to sit around and visit and see what’s going on and enjoy the German food.”

For more information about Germanfest, check out the schedule from a previous story here, or listen to the full interview of Jeremy Osmus in this story.