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Semi Truck Driver Rear Ends Driver on Broadway and Van Buren, No Injuries

Wednesday, May 4th at around 3:30 pm a semi-truck driver rear-ended a 19-year-old girl driving a 2013 Nissan. The accident occurred when the girl driving a Nissan came to a stop at the light at Broadway and Van Buren which wasn’t working due to the storm.

The car in front of the Nissan started to go and then stopped, leading to the Nissan starting to go and then coming to a stop. Next, the semi-truck driver did not see that the girl driving the Nissan stopped, this caused him to rear-end the Nissan driver at a low speed.

No damage was visible on the semi-truck and the only visible damage on the Nissan was a small dent on the bumper. No injuries were reported at the scene.